You may notice that Pulley tracks how much money it has made your store in the past 30 days in the bottom left of the navigation menu. There are three main metrics to be aware of.

  1. Found you $X

    The sum of the dollar benefit of all opportunities Pulley has created for you. For example, if there are two opportunities worth $4,000 and $8,000 per month, Pulley has Found you $12,000.

    This is calculated by our AI, combining numerous predictions about expected conversion rate, order totals, and more. In the end, this is an approximation our AI makes - it's not expected to be perfect, but it is a compass to guide you to growing your sales faster.

  2. In Progress $X

    In Progress opportunities represent any opportunities that you have completed one or more steps for, but not fully automated them.

    This metric is the sum of the dollar benefit of all in progress opportunities - so it's expected benefit you're almost capturing, but need to take the last few steps to complete.

  3. Made you $X

    Once you automate an opportunity, Pulley tracks how much money every opportunity has made you using a Last 7 Day Attribution Window.

    For example, after automating an email opportunity, if a customer is added to that opportunity and then makes a purchase within 7 days of being added to that opportunity, that order's revenue is attributed to the "Made You $X" figure.

    This gives you a good idea of the realized impact Pulley opportunities are having in growing your revenues and driving cross sells and repeat sales.

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