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Setup an automation on Klaviyo

Creating an automation in Klaviyo is intuitive. Navitage to Klaviyo and...

Step 1: Click on Flows in the left navigation bar, and then click on Create Flow

Step 2: Click on Create from Scratch and enter the flow name. E.g. Pulley Second Time Buyers

Step 3: Click on List in the left menu. Once you are prompted, select the name of the audience you just synced in Pulley for this opportunity, and click Done.

Step 4: Drag Time Delay from the left menu to below the Trigger box in the centre.

Step 5: Select your time delay. We recommend selecting a relative time delay by clicking on Delay until a specific time of day. Once done, click on Save.

Step 6: Click on Email in the left menu, and drag it below the Time Delay box in the centre.

Step 6: Next, click on the Email box in the centre, and click on Configure Content on the left menu.

Step 7: Scroll down, and click on Select Template.

Step 8: Click on My Templates and select the template you created earlier for this opportunity. Once the template loads, click on Save Content in the top right.

Step 9: Next, type in the subject line you want to use for this email, and any preview text. Click on Done when ready.

Step 10: Your flow is ready! Click on Preview to see how the email will look to your users. When ready, toggle the flow live on the bottom left.

Setup an automation on MailChimp

Creating an automation in MailChimp is easy. Navitage to MailChimp and...

Step 1: Click on automations in the left navigation menu

Step 2: Scroll down, and click on Create from Scratch.

Step 3: Enter a name for your flow. Keep this handy as you will need to enter this into Pulley later. Below, select the audience you just synced in Pulley. Once done, click on Start Building.

Step 4: Click on Choose a Starting Point, and select Signs Up from the options. Then select Save Starting Point and click on Save.

Step 5: Make sure the Customer Repeats Journey option is toggled on. Drag Time Delay to the plus sign in the centre. Your audiences will normally be synced every day around 1 -3 am your local time, so select a time delay accordingly.

Step 6: Drag the email box in the left hand menu to plus icon in the centre.

Step 7: Type in the subject line you want to use for this email, and a schedule. Click on Select a Template

Step 8: Click on Saved Templates, and select the template you made in step 1. Click on Save & Return to Journey.

Step 9: Click on Activate and you are done!

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