We understand that syncing can be nerve wracking. What happens if my customers get an email that I didn’t want to send? Or what if my ad suddenly stops running?

Let’s make it clear what syncing a Pulley opportunity will NEVER do:

  • Syncing will NEVER send an email for you

  • Syncing will NEVER change anything on your running ads, ad budgets, or in any way affect them

So what does syncing do?

When you sync a Pulley opportunity with your email platform of Facebook, Pulley will simply take the audience in Pulley and port it over to the associated platform. It will keep updating your audience on this platform every day as new users flow in and out of the opportunity. That’s it!

Simple, but powerful - since it let's you target specific subsets of customers with the right message automatically whenever that campaign becomes relevant to them.

For example, by syncing and setting up an opportunity to retarget customers predicted to buy Product A next when they're Ready to buy again - since your audience is automatically kept up to date by Pulley when synced - the moment a customer is predicted to be Ready to buy Product A, they'll get targeted with the relevant offer and campaign to them.

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