You started your business selling products you are passionate about and you have grown a loyal user base who love your products. With a growing user base, the complexity in retargeting users at the right time increases significantly. When should I be retargeting my high value customers to rebuy? What products should I put in my email? Which platform should I use to retarget them on?

This is where Pulley can help. Pulley’s platform fetches data daily from Shopify and other platforms you have connected, and provides Opportunities that can directly increase your sales.

What is an opportunity?

A Pulley opportunity is where our AI has found a place in your users’ customer journey where you can retarget them for maximum effect. For example, first time users who bought product A from your store will be ready to rebuy every 27 days. You should retarget them via email with product C because that’s what’s most likely to convert them.

Keeping track of this gets messy but with Pulley, it doesn’t have to be. Pulley users can simply sync the opportunity to their email platform (more on syncing here) which syncs the audience that exists in the Pulley opportunity to an audience in your email platform.

After you design a template with the products that Pulley recommends to include in the email, you can simply follow our instructions hereto set up an automation that will automatically send any people added to the audience.

Never miss another opportunity to convert your existing customers again with Pulley.

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