Most people know that Facebook allows uploading a list of customer details, such as their email addresses, in order to create custom audiences. This is also a necessary step to create custom lookalike audiences - first uploading your list of customers and then create a lookalike audience from that uploaded list.

Google Ads does have similar functionality, called Customer Match, which allows you to upload customer information in order to create an audience of specific customers you can use for retargeting or for audience expansion in your campaigns (or even for excluding that specific audience from your campaigns).

But Google Ads only makes Customer Match available to users who meet certain criteria. You can read more about Customer Match here:

And more about Google's policies for eligibility here:

So what if you don't have access? Are you unable to retarget or exclude specific custom segments of your customers?

The short answer is, unfortunately yes, at least until Google changes its functionality or eligibility policy for Customer Match.

But the long answer is that there's always a good way to get creative. Be to sure to look at the specific products, categories and vendors customers in the group you want to target are buying. This can help you retarget visitors of specific pages.

Additionally, the UTM tags popular for the customer group provide another level of detail about what search terms, keywords, or topics are most effective to reach that specific group of customers (or at the very least, customers like them).

Of course, in addition to email and SMS, you can also use Facebook and/or Instagram ads to retarget a specific group of customers more directly.

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